X:1 Burn-to-Mint (BtM)

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Frequently Asked Questions

In short, BtM is a process by which people send in NFTs to destroy/burn and, in return, get a newly minted NFT.

A person selects up to 6 Baby Hoots to burn. If a person decides to burn at least 2 Baby Hoots for a new mint, that person can choose to keep 1 trait from each of the Baby Hoots they selected. The selected traits will be transferred to the newly minted Baby Hoot.

It is important to note that if a person decides to do a 1:1 BtM (where only 1 Baby Hoot is burned in exchange for a new one), the trait they opted to keep will NOT be transferred to the newly minted Baby Hoot.

To use the X:1 BtM, a person must have

  • NFTs from the Baby Hoot Group
  • Hoot Tokens
  • ALGOs

The required amount of Hoot Tokens and ALGOs is dependent on the number of Baby Hoots the person wants to burn for one mint: The more Baby Hoots burned in one mint, the lower the required amount of Hoot Tokens and ALGOs; i.e., 6:1 BtM has a lower cost than a 1:1 BtM.

The Burn Score is a new Trait that is only present in Baby Hoots that are minted from the burning of other baby Hoots. The Burn Score can be as low as 1 (from 1:1 BtM) and as high as 6 (from 6:1 BtM).

The Burn Score Trait is visible on the image itself as well as in the metadata of the NFT. As such, the Burn Score does affect the “ranking” or “rarity” of Baby Hoots that have the trait. 

As more and more Baby Hoots are minted from the Burn Score, the shifts in the “ranking” or “rarity” of Baby Hoots will be less and less evident.

No. The Burn Score is solely dependent on how many Baby Hoots were burned to mint the new Baby Hoot.